Over Watch.
Ground-breaking identity matching technology preventing terrorism, theft and fraud.

Accredited as the #1 advanced identity matching technology in independent trials.

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Do your core operations need to search and match large volumes of identity data?

Over Watch can help. Designed to prevent security threats and fraud, and enable fast identity intelligence, Over Watch accurately recognises contacts across international databases. With its powerful capabilities, Over watch is on the prescribed product list and subject to the Export Control Act 1982.

World's best core identity matching

Does your current solution allow for linguistic structure variations? Over Watch uses the latest technology in Natural Language Processing to match identities.

  • True real time identity verification across 18 different languages
  • Understands linguistic norms, alternative names and international lexicons
  • Significantly reduces false positive and false negative matches

Unrivalled accuracy, always

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time by harnessing the power of AI.

  • Up to date data with with no user input required
  • No ongoing investment into maintenance
  • Core algorithms constantly upgraded and refined

Quick & easy 
to deploy

Time is everything when it comes to preventing terrorism and crime. the power of AI.

  • Ready to go solution can be deployed within hours
  • Available on Azure and within high side environment
  • Cost effective, pay-per-click model

Be the best to beat the best, with Over Watch from Search 365.

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What Over Watch users say

This is a unique capability that has not been replicated in any other products. Without this product, more time and effort would be put into determining these entity relationships, slowing down the decision-making process, leaving less time to identify and investigate true, positive matches.

US Customs Border Patrol

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